Okeanos as transportation for cargo and passengers, expeditions, disaster relief and coastal campaigns

Okeanos Vanuatu offers quick, safe and sustainable transportation to the different islands. It can find its way around the most difficult islands of Vanuatu and has visited most of them already.

How to book

To book a sail with our vaka, no matter if you want to join a scheduled regular sail or arrange an individual charter, please contact us by phone or mail.

Bookings are paid either in cash or by credit card before departure.

The ‘Okeanos Vanuatu’ vaka can depart for any island any time.

Sailing times overview for selected routes

Port-Vila – Tanna: 23hrs – 29hrs
Port-Vila – Gaua: 40hrs – 48hrs

Port-Vila – Ambrym: 19hrs – 23hrs
Port-Vila – Santo: 28hrs – 36hrs