Okeanos Vaka Motu Specifications

Type: Traditionally-Based Double-Hull Sailing Canoe
Length: 14.8 m / 50 ft
Width: 6.2 m / 20 ft
Draft: 0.7 m / 2.2 ft
Displacement: 9 tons
Sail Area: 58 m2 / 615 square feet
Sailing Cruise Speed: 6 – 9 knots
Cargo: 3 tons

Bunks: 12
Crew: 4
Passengers: 8

Hull: E-Glass and Epoxy Resin
Super Structure: Wood
Steering System: Paddle / Hoi

Water Maker / Desalination: 60L per hour
(powered by solar panels or by generator at night)

Auxiliary System: 2 x 20HP Volvo Penta Inboard Engines
Cruise Speed: 6 knots
Solar Panel System: 4 x 360Wp Solar Panels
Batteries: 2 x 15 kWh 48V LiPo Battery System

The VAKA MOTU (Boat for the Island) is the best boat for the Pacific. Her design is traditionally based, she has one mast, a maximum weight of nine tons, and can accommodate 12 people and three tons of cargo. She is primarily designed for operation between the islands but also certified for open ocean safety.

About our services and safety

Our sailing boat Okeanos Vanuatu is a fossil-fuel free vessel, mixing sustainable transportation, ocean conservation and tradition revival. It is one of a total of 8 Vaka Motus built by Okeanos Foundation for the Sea.

‚Okeanos Vanuatu‘ is safety certified and complies with the marine regulation of Vanuatu and NZ (its building place). It has 20 lifejackets, two life rafts, AIS, safety ladder, rubber rings, flairs, fire extinguisher and all medical kits necessary. The crew train four to eight hours on safety maneuvers on a weekly basis and are all First Aid certified, and STCW certified.

Okeanos Vanuatu is a logical option for any campaign/expedition willing to visit more than a couple of places. For example, in places where airport connections are poor or inexistent, doing island hoping within the archipelago can be time-saving and economic. For example we visited all the islands of the Shepherds in 5 days, when it would have taken 3 weeks by plane and fiberglass boat. We also visited all of the island of the Tafea province in 9 days for the Pacific Games when it would have taken somebody 4 weeks with all the flight connections. Similarly, the eleven islands of the Torba province only include 4 airports, but can be visited in 11 days with Okeanos Vanuatu.

It is also economic to charter the Okeanos Vanuatu as a team of 6/8 can sleep and eat on board. Everything is included. It is already economic when the team includes more than two person, and still faster. Similarly, compared to other sailing charters, Okeanos Vanuatu remains the most economic, with no compromises on safety or efficiency.

If you wish to book a trip on Okeanos Vanuatu or are interested in chartering the vessel for a group, please visit our Schedule page.

Water-maker and
solar panels
Okeanos Vanuatu is autonomous at sea and can produce 60L per hour without an external source of energy


This vaka only uses the wind, solar panels for electricity, and coconut oil for the engines

Reliable, Professional
and Safe

Every crew member has a commercial safety certificate, First aid training and the vaka itself is internationally certified

Beach accessibility

With very little draft,
this vaka can beach
right on the islands