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Explore the beautiful islands of Efate, Survivor beach and Mangaliliu village in just one day, on our beautiful Vaka Motu. The journey starts from Port Vila Harbour where you will board our 15m long Catamaran, called Vaka Motu. This traditional Polynesian canoe has been designed especially for inter-island journeys and is entirely environmentally sustainable. It runs on wind, solar panel and coconut oil-powered engine.

With morning tea or coffee and local tropical fruit on the way, the journey begins in the calm waters of Mele Bay, heading towards Devils Point where you might be able to spot the native species of dugong or dolphin. After that, we sail towards the mysterious Eretoka Island (known locally as Hat Island) where you will learn more about the ancient history of Vanuatu’s most famous chief: Roy Mata. We continue our journey through the passage of Lelepa Islands where we will head in to shore on the village of Mangaliliu. While enjoying a traditional community made lunch, you will have the opportunity to snorkel on the reef and enjoy the outstanding, colourful, marine life, and especially the giant clams, or relax in the shade on the pristine beach and enjoy the view of the crystal-clear turquoise water. Mangaliliu has been and still is part of a  ocean conservation project which is reintroducing threatened species of Giant Clams.

We continue our journey in between Lelepa Island and Havannah Harbour, a place full of history and decreed World Heritage by Unesco. On our way back through the harbour, we will stop at the Survivor beach on the coast where the famous TV show was filmed.
Once back in the bay, you will enjoy a fresh coconut or a shell of the famous kava. Kava is a root that has been used ceremonially, medicinally and recreationally for over 2500 years in Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. Enjoy this traditional drink on board, while sailing back to Port Vila Harbour as the sun sets.

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Key facts:

The tour starts at 8:30-09:00am and ends at 5:30pm at our mooring, in front of Asco motors and next to the Onyx; or Tanaliu, depending on the weather. The boat can host up to 15 people but please note that there needs to be a minimum of 4 people to start a tour. The price is 8500VT per person. The tour includes complimentary coffee, tea, water, kava and tropical fruit as well a traditional, homemade lunch provided by the communities. Our crew will be your personal guides and tell you all about the unique facts of Vanuatu and can point out amazing photo opportunities. Lightweight lifejackets are available on board.


Sustainable boat: The crew will talk about the advantages of a green, environmentally sustainable boat and its impact fighting climate change. They will also explain the purpose of the boat and how it will be used in disaster relief.

Cultural talk: The crew will give you an understanding of the Ni-Vanuatu culture and talk about the history of Chief Roy Mata

Marine Conservation: The crew will and discuss marine conservation and the current threat on coral reef and marine life by climate change, overfishing and pollution.

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