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Combine an unforgettable experience in birdwatching with an outstanding sailing tour around the breath-taking, tropical islands of Vanuatu. We start the journey from Port Vila harbour where you will board our 15m long Catamaran, called Vaka Motu. This traditional Polynesian canoe has been designed especially for inter-islands journeys and is entirely environmentally sustainable. It runs on wind, solar panels and coconut oil-powered engine. Our bird tour combines birdwatching, learning about the local culture, local history as well as exploring the abundant natural wonders Vanuatu has to offer. Our crew also provide a crash course in historic Polynesian sailing techniques.

Our tours are designed to satisfy the needs of all types of bird watchers, from the new birdwatcher to the seasoned veteran. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are just starting, as birdwatchers with birding knowledge and experience take great pleasure in helping you and will point you in the right direction. Each tour is conducted by the crew of the Vaka. During this tour, we meet local experts on each island who share their own local knowledge.

Our planned tour sails around the island of Efate and we follow our way further north to the beautiful islands of Esprit Santo and Ambrym but we have the freedom to create a tour designed especially for you if required.

Vanuatu is home to 9 endemic species which are mostly located on the islands of Espritu Santo and Ambrym.
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Key facts:

The boat can host up to 6 visitors during long journeys. The price is 72500VT per day as the Vaka is chartered for you only. The tour includes local breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, complimentary water, kava and tropical fruits. Lightweight lifejackets are available on board.



Vanuatu megapode
Megapodius layardi

Lowland regions of the larger north and central islands. The Loru Rainforest Protected Area on the island of Espiritu Santo and Ambrym Island

Tanna fruit dove
Ptilinopus tannensis

Occurs on most islands. Density is especially high in the Loru Rainforest Protected Area of Espiritu Santo

Vanuatu imperial pigeon
Ducula bakeri

Ureparapara, Vanua Lava and Santa Maria (all in the Banks group), Espiritu Santo, Maewo, Aoba Pentecost and Ambrym

Chestnut-bellied kingfisher
Todirhamphus farquhari

Espiritu Santo, Malo and Malakula

Buff-bellied monarch
Neolalage banksiana

Banks island, also seen from South to Efate

Yellow-fronted white-eye
Zosterops flavifrons

Distributed almost throughout Vanuatu from the Banks Islands in the north to Aneityum in the south

New Hebrides honeyeater
Phylidonyris notabilis

Widespread and common

Mountain starling
Aplonis santovestris

Espiritu Santo. It is restricted to cloud forest areas on the island

Royal parrot finch
Erythrura regia

Espiritu Santo, above 300 m. but it also at small sea-level islands in fruiting figs in forest edge in Emae and Tongoa

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