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As it is the base of everything, education is a huge part of Okeanos’ missions. Okeanos’ Vakas are innovative floating classrooms providing a wide variety of educational experiences through partnerships with schools and universities across the Pacific. Our Vaka Motu is the ideal tool to bring people together around notions such as stewardship for the sea, ocean conservation and tradition sailing methods.

Okeanos is building proposal to promote these notions. With the aim of spreading the word around Vanuatu as this traditional Polynesian canoe has been designed especially for inter-islands journeys and is entirely environmentally sustainable. It runs on wind, solar panels and coconut oil-powered engine.


Going to the different schools of the archipelago and give living lectures about ocean conservation and tradition sailing methods with three tools only:

Posters, explaining the life cycle and stakes of the conservations of dugongs, turtles, sharks, cetaceans and coral. But also, guidelines on rubbish management and invasive species prevention.

Our movie, Our Blue Canoe, initiative of our founder Dieter Paulmann. This two hours documentary, once projected on one of our sail, is packed with good humour, but also carries a strong message of stewardship, encouraging sustainable development.

Our Vaka’s charisma which revives memories of traditional sailing among the elders and awaken the same feeling in the younger ones.

Beforehand, 7days will be needed to locate and contact all the schools in one province.
For 26 days the vaka will anchor near every school and visit at least one school a day before departing for the next village in the morning. These 26 days include 2 days of maintenance (before and after the trip) as well as 4,5 to 6 days of rest. Thus, campaign will reach a minimum of 18 schools. For the remote provinces, like Torba for instance, 2 to 4 more days of sailing will be necessary.
Once on land, a presentation of the seven posters will be done followed by questions, and when the sun sets, we wish to gather the village to project Our Blue Canoe on a taut sail.

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